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  • How to Avoid Stress in Your Small Business: Some people become successful in business by stressing over every detail. For people who own their own business, working too much begins to negatively affect the rest of their life. To take control of your stress levels, chip away at the little things that stress you out. From getting all of your outfits together for the week, to working out of the house, to eliminate traffic stress– it is all about taking into consideration how you feel. “Clark’s advice to others who want to get off the treadmill is to ‘look at what’s important in your life and your values. If you want to make a change, make it. I’d never go back to the corporate rat race again.'”
  • Putting Safeguards in Place to Prevent Employee Fraud at a Small Business: In any business, employee fraud hurts the overall company; however, in a small business, it could ruin it. No matter how much you trust your employees, they are the ones that you depend on, but they are also the ones that you need to watch, especially in today’s economic climate. Here area few things to do to keep an eye on employee fraud: “Before hiring anyone, conduct a background check. Keep an eye on each other. Invest in fidelity coverage. Enable anonymous whistle-blowing.” With these tips you could save yourself some headaches and your business.
  • Online business tips: How to Build Trust Online – by Natalia Jones – Helium: Sometimes it’s hard to put together a Web site that says to customers “trust me.” It depends on a lot of factors that typical business owners try to capitalize on, yet sometimes those instincts to get out there and advertise, advertise, advertise are counter productive. Natalia Jones goes over a few key tips to developing trust online. “1. Scale Back on Your Advertising. 2. Be Accessible and Reliable. 3. Provide a Photograph. 4. Think About Adding a Blog to Your Web site. 5. Use Customer Testimonials.”
  • Politicians Discuss How to Strengthen Small Businesses:Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senate Small Business Committee Chair Mary Landrieu, and Senator Mark Warner talked with Small Business Administrator Karen Mills and Terry Gardiner of the Small Business Majority at a press conference yesterday morning to discuss efforts by Senate Democrats to strengthen and support America’s small businesses.

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