Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

  • Entrepreneurship Advice for the Class of 2010: Did you just graduate college, or are you considering starting your own entrepreneurial venture? Burton Goldfield gives well-rounded advice on how  to create a business that survives the first five years.
  • In Business and Family, Something Has to Give: Lisa Druxman discusses the difficulties between balancing a professional and personal career. She also provides key ways to create a doable schedule and maximize your time.
  • 2010 Mid-Year Preview: Ethan Harris, Head of North America Economics for Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, discusses what it will take for the economy to get back on track.
  • Is Your Shotgun Partnership About to Backfire?: “No matter how solid they seem, some partnerships are destined to fail,” states John Warrillow, “which is why you should be concerned if your shareholders agreement includes a shotgun clause.” Warrillow explains the risks of a shotgun clause, why a partnership can falter and how to see it coming before you sign the documents.
  • Need a Business Card Makeover? is offering a free business card makeover to 500 small business! To apply, you must visit The Business Card Project , show them your existing business card and tell them how you think they can help your business grow through a business card makeover.

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